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Degree College – An Introduction

Khun –Khun ji Girls P.G. college is the only college imparting education to the girls in the western zone of Lucknow.this degree college has been rightly doing its role in higher education to the girls of the rural areas like Maal,Malihabad,Kakori etc.

Rai Bahadur Harekrishan Das Khun Khun Ji

In addition to these of Luck now city. Its Foundation was materialized in the year of 1931 by the women education conscious Rai Bahadur Shri HariKishan Das Khun-Khun ji: in the name of Khun –Khun ji Anglo-Vernacular Girls middle school. this degree college is the developed further extension of the same.in transition shri Krishna Das Khun-Khun ji payed his contribution in the furthering of his father’s determination with his Endeavour khun-khunji girls attend the status of high school in 1950;and an intermediate college in 1952.in 1959 the college was recognized by the luck now university for carrying on the courses in B.A. and in 1974 B.Ed. under the faculty of Ecucation.the subject of Education is also taught at M.A level since 1994.

The little sapling of Khun-Khun ji Girls College under the process of gradual process has rooted itself into Khun-Khun ji girls P.G. College. Our institute has now today been existing in the form of two degree college. Our second institute runs as Khun-Khun ji inter college.

Key Factors

  • Degree College affiliated to Luck now University.
  • Authenticated by U.G.C. [2F and 12B].
  • B.A under arts Faculty [Self Finance] and B.Ed. under the Faculty of Education Arrangement for the subject of Education at M.A level.
  • Every Year arrangement for the education of more than over 1500 girl’s students.
  • Techniques for overall coverage of girl’s students.
  • Full bodied development through extracurricular activities.
  • Regular teaching of curricular subject to mould them in to present exceptions.
  • Sufficient highly educated female teachers.
  • Campus loaded with library encompassing ancient and modern volumes.
  • Scholarship and special referential assistance to the weaker section of girls.

Degree College Building

The building of P.G. College on a vast ground is situated near Victoria Park. It has sufficient furniture and necessarily conveniences lecture room, library, recreational hall, principal room. Staff room, technical lab, psychology lab, office and play ground.